Website Development
  • One page website with 7 sections.
  • 5 page website with or without ecommerce.

Sell your products and services online. Contact us and we can discuss your e-commerce needs.

Media Kits

Digital media kits are an effective tool for leverage and showcasing your accomplishments.

Hosting and Maintenance
  • 3 packages available.
  • Contact us to determine which best suits your needs.
Basic Branding
  • Logo design
  • Business card layout
  • Color scheme
  • Basic style guide.
Full Branding
  • Comprehensive Style Guide incl. typography.
  • Detailed Brand Guidelines defining brand’s voice, personality; Mission and Vision Statements.
  • Stationery Design – letterheads, envelopes.
  • Marketing materials – brochures, flyers, ad graphic design.
  • Product packaging design.
  • Employee uniforms.
  • Storefront/office design elements

Logos are a reflection of how you want to present yourself and your business as well as a valuable asset.

  • Basic logo.
  • Expedited logo.


Iron Dog Media is created, inspired and designed with purpose. It is not enough to just name a company, it must mean something. It should evoke ideas, feelings and memories, it needs to inspire…it needs to tell a story, your story.

Iron Dog Media is named after the year and element our Managing Partner was born. According to the Chinese Horoscope, a metal dog. Iron was the chosen metal because it is the element used to form steel, representing strength and resilience, as well as it being present in our blood, giving us life. Dogs born in the metal element are loyal and fierce protectors, seekers of truth and wise philosophers. Thus, Iron Dog Media was born. This is how we approached naming the company, with intent. The intention of creating something that resonates so deeply and personally that it creates a connection- an identity that can inspire, influence and make an impact.

Our approach to each client is unparalleled, using the same process used to name the company, we believe it’s all in the details. Iron Dog Media educates clients in obtaining valuable assets for their businesses through producing personalized websites, media kits and logos for each of our clients based on their specific needs. Connecting with clients starts with you. Resonating with your clientele comes down to knowing who you are, what makes you distinctive and translating that into a digital format that creates interest and inspiration. Iron Dog Media identifies your distinguishing qualities to help get you noticed. Let us help you tell your story.


Websites, media kits and logos are necessities when starting a business. We understand starting a business is overwhelming and costly, we believe items required to start a business should be within reach, high quality and reflect your vision.

Our mission is to allow our clients to shine by giving them the mechanism designed to reflect their true essence so they may Influence, Inspire and make a large positive Impact. It is our vision that with each client we serve, collectively we will create the positive change we desire and wish for our future.


  1. We pledge to be inclusive of all individuals regardless of gender, race or religion.
  2. We commit to conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity, honesty, respect and professionalism.
  3. We will abide by a higher moral and ethical code that exceeds the minimum requirements set forth by our local and federal laws.
  4. We strive to impart our clients with our knowledge and expertise to elevate them to a higher level of success.
  5. We encourage all individuals to treat others with respect and honor to establish a community that promotes positive growth.
  6. We will respect the rights and opinions of others, even if they differ from our own.
  7. We encourage individuals to positively promote our industry, which in turn promotes growth and awareness.
  8. We ask all individuals to be mindful of their intentions, thoughts and actions and consider how it will affect other individuals.
  9. We will be generous of our own time and resources through mentorship, encouraging others to pay it forward.
  10. We will give our fellow individuals the benefit of the doubt, free of judgement and promote trust within our community.


Theresa Berggren

Denique Nail Solutions

"Working with Carol at Iron Dog Media has been such a pleasure. It becomes obvious early on that you are more than a client to Carol. She actually becomes a partner in your business’s success. She provides wonderful guidance through the process of developing your webpage, and I just can’t recommend her and her team highly enough.”

Juan J. Loyola

Lead Project Developer, The Amani Resorts, LLC

“Working with Iron Dog Media has been an excellent experience. For our hotel project’s website, they have been a key asset in managing our changes and recommending improvements that have worked very well for us. Their hosting service has been seamless, and we trust their team to support us for the long term."

Ben Loyd

Loyd’s Discovery

“I was in need of making my presence known in the digital and physical world through a media kit as well as creating a website.  The media kit came out to be exactly what I had envisioned, much more!  During the process, Iron Dog Media helped me create a logo that represents me, focusing on my vision, intent and making it my brand. Iron Dog Media was able to showcase my passion for my work, brought alive the thoughts and shapes from my mind to the digital canvas and brought my dream to life in the development of my media kit, logo and website. I would HIGHLY recommend Carol Carpenter of Iron Dog Media!”

Mark Hayes

Real Estate Investor, Author

I was very pleased working with Iron Dog media. They are not only very professional, they are organized, quick to respond, deligent, and my website,, looks great.

Indraneel Samaddar

Extraordinary America

"Iron dog media has helped me with an AMAZING website which is rich in visual details! if you want someone to help you create a website that will attract eyeballs to your products and services and gain more website traffic then I would definitely recommend them for that! "

Kukuwa Fitness Team

Kukuwa Fitness

Outstanding and Exceptional Service and Seamless Migration

"We recently partnered with Iron Dog Media for the migration of 3 of our websites including all our business emails, and the results were truly remarkable. From the moment we met with Dave to go over what we needed done, we felt safe and comfortable with the entire migration. Dave and his team demonstrated an unparalleled level of expertise, professionalism, and dedication to our job.

The attention to detail and especially the commitment to quality were evident as we witnessed our data seamlessly transferred to their platform. The migration process which is usually very daunting was executed with precision and efficiency. They meticulously planned each step, ensuring minimal disruption to our operations, especially our company emails which made the world of a difference to us. The outstanding part was their proactive communications throughout the entire migration, keeping us informed at every stage, providing clear explanations and addressing any concerns promptly. Above all it was worry-free and we have done migrations before that were a headache.

Their continued unwavering support even after the migration is outstanding to us. If you are seeking to get a migration done with great results, and a stress-free process, we wholeheartedly recommend Iron Dog Media. They made our day and turned what could have been a challenging endeavor into a true success story."

Sara Margalus

CEO/Founder Soterian Consulting LLC | Sara McGuire Consulting LLC

"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Iron Dog Media for both of my brand's logo designs simultaneously; Soterian Consulting LLC and Sara McGuire Consulting LLC. They exceeded all expectations from start to finish and the experience was seamless and gratifying.

Carol and Ethan demonstrated an unparalleled understanding of both of my brand's values and ethos. They meticulously crafted a logo for each of my companies that encapsulated the essence of my business in a visual and striking manner, as well as elegant and commanding. Their creativity shone through as they transformed my vague ideas into a captivating symbol that resonates perfecting with my target audiences.

What truly set Iron Dog Media apart was their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. They patiently listened to my feedback and diligently refined my logos until it reached perfection. Their attention to detail and willingness to collaborate made the entire process a collaborative, fun and enjoyable journey.

The quality of their work is exceptional. The logo they created for Soterian Consulting LLC is not just a design, it is a work of art that stands on its own. The logo they created for Sara McGuire Consulting LLC reflects elegance and poise with a personal touch to my heritage. Both of my logos truly stand out amongst the consulting world and both logos reflect my vision for each individual company.

I will continue to use Iron Dog Media for my future logos. They deliver outstanding designs, prioritize and truly listen to their clients. Their dedication to creativity, attention to detail and customer satisfaction is why I will continue to use them in the future. I highly recommend Iron Dog Media to design your logo, as they truly care about your business and what you are trying to achieve."

Sara Margalus

CEO/Founder Soterian Consulting LLC

"I am thrilled to share my incredible experience with Iron Dog Media and their creation of my website; Soterian Consulting LLC. Soterian Consulting LLC is a consulting business that specializes in Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Awareness and Prevention for companies currently throughout the United States. Carol and Dave's expertise and dedication were evident throughout the entire process. They took the time to understand my business, my goals, my vision for the website and most importantly they took the time to get to know me. What they created for me not only exceeded my expectations, but truly encompasses who I am and what my business stands for. I needed The Soterian Consulting LLC website to be unique and elegant, yet calming for a not so calm subject matter. The design is modern, user-friendly and perfectly aligned with me and my brand's identity.

Carol and Dave's commitment to align my website to the brand is what truly stood out for me. They listened to what my needs were, and continuously worked until I was satisfied with the end result. Their attention to detail was amazing, even down to the QR code where my logo is imprinted in it. They meticulously fine-tuned every element of the website, ensuring that it was responsive, fast-loading, and glitch-free. Their communication was transparent, and they kept me updated at every step of the journey. If you're in search of a website company that combines creativity, professionalism, and a genuine passion for their clients' success, look no further than Iron Dog Media. They truly care about their clients and listen to your needs."

Our Experience MATTERS

Carol Carpenter

Managing Partner

Iron Dog Media educates and assists clients in establishing and growing leverage through the development of Websites, Media Kits and Logos.. Leverage is a powerful tool that has the potential to be extremely beneficial for those who want to achieve their vision to create a large positive impact and leave a legacy to better society as a whole. Carol has personal knowledge in creating leverage and knows that when leverage is wielded adeptly and precisely, it can lead to amazing results.

Carol is the Managing partner of Motovixens LLC, Iron Dog Media and Selenion Strategy Group. She is an executive producer to The Strange, Founding member of Amani Resorts and The BEEC, a contributing author to Vertical Growth for Leaders, a TedX speaker and the author of bestseller “The Elegant Disruptor.”

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